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July 23, 2010

We're all guilty at some points in our poker carreers of falling into the trap of autopiloting. Autopiloting is classically defined as not putting enough or any kind of thought into your actions buit simply following patterns farmiliar to your brain and chosing your actions based on a minimal amount of factors. This obviously leads to missing vital information and overlooking alternative lines that might be much more profitable in spot X vs opponent Y. I've been thinking lately though that so many players, including myself, are actually guilty of a deeper type of autopiloting while thinking we're playing our best game. This is basically a lack of imagination. In this type 2 autopiloting, which I argue is common in just about every session of all of our games, we don't lack a detailed and alert thought prcoess, but we constantly use the same detailed and alert thought process which is not tailored to picking out unconventional imaginative plays.

An example of this: Let's say hero has QJo and opens 3x in the CO and the BB who is a 22/19 solid thinking reg with a fold to c-bet of 35% calls in the bb. The flop falls A42r and...

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Volume, playing tired and lifestyle choices.

June 30, 2010

So I just satdown and played a session where I felt void of inspriation and energy. I definitely fail to get anywhere near my A game when I'm like this. Perhaps the key to getting in the volume that we need is not to force oursevles to play when feeling shitty worn out or hungover but live a life that allowws us to be full of energy and focus during desginated playing time and not violate this lifestyle for temptations like going out and drinking tons. I feel like I've been doing way too much drinking and spedning money reckelssly these last few weeks. World cup defo doesn't help with that. In any job you aren't able to just chose to sleep in for a few hours or turn up too unfocussed to do what's required of you. Poker shouldn't be any different because for me it's at least a part time job right now if not a full time one and putting in only 20k hands when I plan to play 40k is pretty shocking. 

The solution to playing your A game as much as you possibly can and therefore maximising your win rate then is to make a...

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